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Sometimes you are introduced to an artist who, right from the word go, you connect with and get stuck in your head. One you've found one of these artists, you just can't keep them to yourself. Nathan Lee is one of those artists. LTTM threw a bunch of questions at Nathan to capture his thoughts on everything from his brand new album to performing in Iraq!

Tell us a little bit about your new CD, Bar Room Hymns, and what the inspiration behind it was?
I went to some sad places to find these songs. I wrote about things I didn’t want...
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Nathan Lee Party Musical Broadcast
Nov 10 2010

Nathan Lee Party Musical Broadcast

Sometimes, when I find music I really like I turn into a crazy campaigning party spokesman for it. Honestly, it's a wonder I'm not pounding the streets with flyers, a megaphone and a placard. I just have to tell everyone I speak…


Nathan Lee Releases Latest Album 'Bar Room Hymns'
Nov 08 2010

Nathan Lee Releases Latest Album 'Bar Room Hymns'

Singer/songwriter Nathan Lee has released his new album 'Bar Room Hymns'. The album is available now for download at both the US iTunes and UK iTunes stores. The eleven-track album was produced by Zach Hall following a year of…


Nathan Lee - Bar Room Hymns
Nov 12 2010

Nathan Lee - Bar Room Hymns

I got into Nathan Lee's music a few months after the release of his last album, Risk Everything, so this was the first of his albums that I have been around to witness the anticipation. This is the first that I have had to watch…

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