Jenny Pegg To Release 'Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow' EP

Oct 05 2017

Sheffield based singer/ songwriter Jenny Pegg will release her latest EP 'Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow' on 7th October 2017. The album is set to be Jenny's greatest accomplishment yet, with songs that take the listener through a story of honesty, encouragement and motivation. Her deep passion is to champion others in their uniqueness.

The title track of the album 'Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow' is written directly out of the dramatic story of being unable to continue in what was once a treasured job due to illness and God calling Jenny and her husband to sell their house and embark on an enormous journey of trust. All that she is now involved with in singing, speaking and ministry is the original dream and calling in fruition.

Opening with the uplifting praise track 'Lift You High' sets the scene of honouring God and putting Him first. 'I Surrender' and 'When I Fell into the Night' tackle the subjects of trying to 'go it alone' and falling into depression - the latter ending in victory as the lyrics follow a journey of despair, going through learning to trust and ultimately being set free. 'Kingdom of His Love' is a beautiful acoustic track with the central message that all are included in the Love of God and nothing is ever too difficult for Him to heal.

The penultimate track on the EP is written with the intention of motivating the listener, once they’ve received a calling from God, The EP to step out in trust into His hand. 'Leap of Faith' asks the question "What’s stopping you from rising to your destiny?" encouraging the listener to take that first step into the future. The EP ends with sailing out into that calling "Riding on a ship of courage with sails of trust to catch the winds of Promise" in the final track 'Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow'.

Jenny Pegg is both a gifted singer and an articulate speaker, driven by a desire to see others encouraged and uplifted, even in their darkest days. Much of Jenny’s songwriting is shaped by her own life experiences, in particular of chronic illness. Since being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, she has had to make numerous - and often difficult - changes in her life. Fully believing God is with her through all her struggles, Jenny has discovered that in sharing her own experiences, others can see their own challenges reflected in her story and find inspiration and encouragement. With this in mind, she began work on a series of songs that would go on to form her debut EP, 'Remain' which was a great success. The release was followed by a UK tour.

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