Lucy Grimble Releases New Single 'Keeper'

Dec 05 2018

London (UK) based singer-songwriter Lucy Grimble has released her latest single 'Keeper'. This latest track is a personal song, written as a meditation on Psalm 121 and in response to the experience of being aggressively mugged which left Lucy battling through a season of fear.

Says Lucy “after I was attacked, I experienced the very physical and threatening presence of fear for the first time in my life and I couldn’t shake it for months and months. In the middle of this very anxious season where it felt like I was constantly looking over my shoulder and constantly on edge, God gave me Psalm 121 as a promise - that He watched over me and is my keeper.”

The song seeks to explore the tension of this season - with brooding melody lines set to a darker ambient electronic production style, the lyrics explore both the uncertainty and stress that accompanies fear and ultimately the resolve that can be found in freedom from fear.

Lucy continues: “The season was very slow to shift for me. I knew I wanted fear gone but I knew I couldn’t make that happen through willpower. I needed God to make Psalm 121 real to me. It was an encounter with God in the middle of a field that finally brought me breakthrough - He showed me how powerful His light is in overcoming darkness. And that same light is inside of me wherever I go. We live in a world full of darkness. Damaging things happen to very good people. But that doesn’t mean the light has stopped shining. The light never stops shining over us or in us.”

The resolve of the song comes with the lyrics: “Darkness cannot stand the light of heaven, Shining like the stars that pierce the night, Leading me from fear back to the promise, That God is always walking by my side”

Lucy’s hope is that this song speaks to places of fear in other people’s hearts. Her desire with this song is to bring comfort and hope that there is a God who watches over us and that His light never goes out.

Produced by Willie Weeks (UK), Keeper was written and performed by Lucy. Lucy has been writing songs for many years, both as a solo artist and with her talented band of musicians. This latest track follows on from a number of original songs she has already released to date including Great Redeemer (April 2018), Lost in Wonder (June 2018) and her live album, Created to Worship , (April 2017).

Lucy’s desire is to write honestly and authentically, and to create space for anyone to encounter the love of God through music.

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