Michael Tinker Releases 'Mission To Dendros' Album For Kids

Dec 16 2019

UK based Folk and Children's songwriter Michael J Tinker has released his fourth studio album 'Mission To Dendros', co-written with author Tim Chester and featuring Grammy Award-winner Ron Block (of Alison Krauss and Union Station fame).

The album includes 14 brand new songs including 'It’s All About Grace', 'There's a Party Coming Soon' and 'Relentless Love'. The CD will take you through key parts of the Old Testament, seeing how it’s all about Jesus. "Something I'm particularly passionate about is writing songs for kids that deal with the nitty gritty of life - the hurt, pain and struggle", explains Michael.

Michael J Tinker is no stranger to adventure. He's investigated tough cases with Inspector Smart and even traveled through the jungle searching for the Topsy Turvy Kingdom. On this, his fourth album, Michael is joined by the quirky crew of the JBI Starship 'Juniper'. Captained by Archibald the Explorer, they're hurtling through space on the way to the planet Dendros. Which incidentally is just enough time to get through 14 brand new songs about Jesus!

Discover God's promises to Abraham and how the story of David points to Jesus; have deep truths embedded in little hearts through those precious words 'But God...'; learn that the whole of the Bible (66 books worth!) is about Jesus; hear the wonderful news that God is planning the most amazing party ever and much, much more...

Co-written by Tim Chester (author of over 30 books including 'Meals with Jesus', 'Total Church' and 'You Can Change') and featuring 14x Grammy Award Winner Ron Block, this is an album full of fun, excitement and deep truths about Jesus which is sure to get the whole family singing. Mission to Dendros - the Audio Drama is a 7-part adventure in space. Written by James Cary (BBC Comedy writer for Miranda, Milton Jones et al) and performed by Michael J Tinker and Anna Nicholson.

Something is wrong on the planet Dendros and the Founder is concerned. He loves all his planets and wants the best for them. But the people of Dendros have decided to cut off contact. And that never goes well...

JBI Space Agent, Michael is sent to investigate. Can he find out what’s wrong? Can he bring the people back to their senses?

Helping Michael (or possibly hindering…) is the captain of the Juniper, Archibald, 1st Mate Septima (who keeps everything in order), security chief Igor, Chief Engineer Dr Von Pomplenickel (yes - we’re still not sure if his doctorate is real either) and of course… Mr Grumpy.

Will their mission succeed? There’s only one way to find out… buckle up, download and join us on a Mission toooooo Dendros!

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