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sixtstepsrecords/Capitol CMG's Kristian Stanfill has penned a deeply personal project, Make It Out Alive, which is available today. This album is an invitation to an honest conversation and an unexpected open door for others to find the same hope and healing Stanfill has discovered over the last two years. Make It Out Alive is his first solo album since 2011, and these songs were born on the journey from brokenness to healing experienced in his own story.

“I think a lot of people will understand this kind of crossroad that...
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Kristian Stanfill - Make It Out Alive
Nov 17 2022

Kristian Stanfill - Make It Out Alive

Our Featured Album of the week is Kristian Stanfill's 'Make It Out Alive'.Title:Make It Out AliveArtist:Kristian StanfillReleased:11 Nov 2022Article: sixtstepsrecords/Capitol CMG's Kristian Stanfill announces the release of his…



Kristian Standfill - Mountains Move
Jan 17 2011

Kristian Standfill - Mountains Move

Kristian Stanfill has just released what some might call "the difficult second album", which he has named Mountains Move. This is the follow up to the amazing debut album Attention which sold well all over the world. Kristian is…


Kristian Stanfill - We Need People
Oct 25 2022

Kristian Stanfill - We Need People

Check out the Official Live Video for 'We Need People' by Kristian Stanfill, recorded Live in Atlanta, GA, 2022, from the forthcoming new album 'Make It Out Alive'.

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