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Phil Stacey finalist of American Idol Season 6 has recently finished recording his new 11-track album, Into the Light, which will be released on August 25. Stacey, will release the album via Reunion Records.

Phil Stacey goes on to say "Given the recent past, it's understandable that people are quick to ask me about the musical side of what I do, I enjoy talking about the music, too. In fact, I love it. But the biggest hope I have is that what I do will help draw people to God--whether that's through the songs I write, how I conduct...
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Phil Stacey - Into The Light
Sep 09 2009

Phil Stacey - Into The Light

I've got into quite a good routine with this reviewing thing. I listen to an album; as I'm listening I scribble down notes so I remember what I've heard and then I listen again as I write the review. When I was about three songs…

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