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East London-based lyricist, producer, and live performer, known by the artist name UNIQUE is set to release his latest EP, "Thorns." True to his moniker, each track expresses a distinctiveness that is evident in his lyrical approach. This EP is deeply personal, reflecting on his life's trials and condensing his reflections in what he describes as a musical journal.

The title "Thorns" is inspired by a biblical metaphor that represents the world's worries, particularly focusing on money and relationships. This project tack- les the modern challenges of information overload and its...
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London's Unique Creation Releases 'Arena' Single
Feb 09 2018

London's Unique Creation Releases 'Arena' Single

The new release from the artist known as Unique Creation, a Lyricist/Producer/Performer from East London, 'Arena' will ring true for anyone fighting through a Dark Season. The single evokes feelings of the intensity felt when…

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