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We Are Vessel is known for bringing high energy to their live shows as well as in their music. 'I See You in Everything' is something like they have never released before. Using a more laid back guitar and smooth vocals with incredible production, they have hit the nail on the head with this one!

“During the entire recording process, I was still dealing with the loss of my parents and fighting a very heavy sense of grief. I found myself searching for God at a...
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We Are Vessel's New CCM Release 'The Broken Redeemed'
Jan 24 2023

We Are Vessel's New CCM Release 'The Broken Redeemed'

After coming off one of their busiest years yet with over 150 tour dates with Building 429, Stars Go Dim, 7eventh Time Down, Rhett Walker, Apollo LTD, Cade Thompson, Renee and Joel Vaughn, We Are Vessel has released their next…


We Are Vessel - Hope
Dec 02 2021

We Are Vessel - Hope

Tis the season for 'Hope'. Actually, all year is the season for Hope. With their newest Christmas season release, We Are Vessel, reminds us of how we remember Christmas growing up and how the times have changed. This (Ho Ho Ho)…

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