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Colorado singer/songwriter Teressa Mahoney has just released her most personal album to date. "Disillusions," which comprises of 8 new songs, is her own personal journey of discovering what is truthful and meaningful in her own life. As a result, the new record contains songs that are honest, powerful, and relevant. "Always You" is about her relationship with God, "American Elegy" is about what it means to be American, and "Good Good" is about seeing and accepting people no matter our differences.

Mahoney reveals, "This album is my bravest musical...
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Teressa Mahoney - Not A Love Story (Single)
Jul 08 2019

Teressa Mahoney - Not A Love Story (Single)

On the heels of her highly-anticipated 2019 release, Beyond, Teressa Mahoney releases a new single, Not a Love Story. This song is based on the true story of two people meeting, getting married, and falling in love - in that…

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