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Jeremy Riley has released his latest single 'My Rock' featuring 6th Day Made. The track is available now on all streaming platforms.

'My Rock', like most of Jeremy’s songs, was written during a time of struggle. Being the only one in the home working, supporting his wife and three kids, finances were tight. So when Jeremy found out his wife was pregnant again, his first concern was how he was going to provide for his family.

As time went on Jeremy’s faith grew with every time God provided the funds needed...
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Jeremy Riley Releases New Single 'Freedom'
May 21 2020

Jeremy Riley Releases New Single 'Freedom'

Christian solo artist Jeremy Riley, who’s first single 'So Alive' made the top 10 list thru play MPE of streams and downloads within 2 weeks of its release in 2019, is happy to announce the release of his newest single…

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