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The Glorious Unseen will release their highly anticipated second album, 'The Hope That Lies In You' next Tuesday, August 25th, on BEC Recordings. The band, from Nashville, Tennessee, released their debut album 'Tonight the Stars Speak' in 2007 and have released two digital EP's since then.

Explaining how he started the band, lead vocalist Ben Crist said, "In the beginning, it was just really stripped down - acoustic guitar and such. it was just me singing worship songs and strumming the acoustic in someone's living room with like 15 people or so. It was incredibly inspiring to me though. It...
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The Glorious Unseen - The Hope That Lies In You
Sep 18 2009

The Glorious Unseen - The Hope That Lies In You

When I reviewed the new Leeland album, I noted that it reminiscent of a Coldplay album. Well, The Glorious Unseen's new album The Hope That Lies In You, would out-trump it; easily. I guess the comparison isn't helped by the fact…

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