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Charles Davids is ready to turn up the heat on his second of many singles, 'Blessin', available now on all streaming platforms.

Charles is musically and creatively influenced and inspired by greats like Michael Jackson, Prince, James Brown, and Bob Marley, one can only anticipate the greatness that heralds ahead. Charles " Dr.Do Music" Davids while from the small island of Jamaica is everything but small when it comes to his talent. The Atlanta-based songwriter, producer, vocal arranger, and musician of multiple instruments including keyboards,...
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Charles Davids Releases 'Put It on God' Single & Video
Jul 09 2020

Charles Davids Releases 'Put It on God' Single & Video

Charles Davids (CDJ) aka "Dr.Do Music", a talented music producer, songwriter, and artist, has released his new single and music video, 'Put It On God'. The track is described as "a hot new vibe to the music industry. Gospel…

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