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Orphan No More have released their brand new EP, 'Death Died'. "In a year marked with isolation and loss, the need for simplicity in a world of chaos has become more transparent than ever. As a community we have had a burning desire to come back to simplicity, to savor the beauty of the simple gospel that is the good news of Jesus. 'Death Died' is a true and unfiltered reflection of the heart of our community, defined by love.

'Death Died' is an honest and contemplative...
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Orphan No More Co Release Live Album 'Even Now'
Oct 24 2020

Orphan No More Co Release Live Album 'Even Now'

Orphan No More Co release their live album 'Even Now' on Friday 23rd October. "In November of last year our community gathered together in a recording studio in Epping Forest just outside London to document and record our debut…

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