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Israel Houghton has been a full time worship leader since 1989 and is an internationally recognized recording artist and producer. Israel is the National Director of Music and Worship for Champions for Christ, he also leads regularly at Lakewood Church Houston with Pastor Joel Osteen. 

Israel and his wife Meleasa founded New Breed Ministries in 1995, comprised of world class musicians and singers. This become Israel's first band, known as Israel & New Breed, and he went on to release many great albums under this banner.

Our artist of the month has many awards under his belt for his previous albums...
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Win Israel Houghton's CD 'The Power Of One'
Sep 01 2009

Win Israel Houghton's CD 'The Power Of One'

In the new Louder Than The Music competition you could win Israel Houghton's brilliant album The Power Of One. Israel Houghton is a two times Grammy Award winner and is a worship leader at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas…



Israel Houghton - Jesus At The Center
Jun 29 2012

Israel Houghton - Jesus At The Center

I could listen to Israel Houghton sing for hours, he has always had this style and vibe when he is leading that you just get sucked in to. His voice drags you in and you can't escape spending time worshipping with the music.…

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