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A finalist for the inaugural CMAA People’s Choice Artist Of The Year award, SVRCINA (Sur-See-Nah) is one of music’s fastest rising acts with her collective tunes garnering more 150 million streams on DSPs. Her latest release, 'Something Beautiful' presents what she describes as a “tangible sense of hope and freedom”.

The US based singer says that when we’re walking through hard seasons In our lives, it’s often hard to see that it will ever end. She says the song is a positive, contagious 152 bpm anthem reminding us that God...
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SVRCINA Releases 'Catch the Light' Single
Apr 02 2021

SVRCINA Releases 'Catch the Light' Single

SVRCINA (pronounced Sir-SEE-nah), one of the fastest rising new acts in Christian music, has released her new single, 'Catch The Light'. She says the energetic pop tune is an "uplifting song of hope and perseverance".…

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