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Texas-based band Relent has released their sophomore album with Rockfest Records, the monolithic nu-metal masterpiece Heavy. The album was streamed nearly 50,000 times in its first week, with the single 'Ghost' holding steady in the top 5 on CMW’s Christian rock chart.

For Relent, it’s the impact with listeners that has been moving them the most. “You’re either going through trauma, you’re experiencing a tribulation, or you’re experiencing therapy. Heavy is that album that says, ‘I’m going to walk with you through that’ It’s something you can lean on,” lead...
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Relent Announces Highly-Anticipated Sophomore Album 'Heavy'
Sep 13 2021

Relent Announces Highly-Anticipated Sophomore Album 'Heavy'

Texas nu-metal outfit Relent has announced the release of their highly anticipated Rockfest Records sophomore album, Heavy. The album will be available through all major outlets on October 1. “Heavy is an anthem for the…

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