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Anchor Hymns releases their third project, a new EP named "Sing, Sing, Sing." The title is a nod to the importance of the hymnal tradition - sacred songs that outlast us, inform our theology, and meet us in the face of joy and suffering.

Anchor Hymns is all about gathering to honor and join in the lineage of great songs of truth handed down over time, and after two initial projects presenting reimagined versions of Church classics, the collective introduces their first EP of originals. The five new tracks are groovy,...
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Anchor Hymns Release Their Second Project 'Give Thanks'
Feb 25 2023

Anchor Hymns Release Their Second Project 'Give Thanks'

Anchor Hymns is a multigenerational collective of artists creating songs of worship and reflection infused with Neo Soul, Indie Rock, and Blues accents. Formed about a year ago, Anchor Hymns started as friends with the desire to…


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