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From the band who brought you “Our Cry” back in May of 2023, END OF I is excited to release their NEW single 'The Declaration' featuring Deshiel Lynn. 'The Declaration', written by Jeremy Riley (lead singer of END OF I) and Deshiel Lynn (vocals), was produced by Jeremy Riley and Brandon Whitlock, recorded and engineered by Brandon Whitlock at Pitchfork Studios, and mastered by Daniel Keebler McKay.

'The Declaration' was inspired by the scripture Psalm 91, ”We were right in the beginning of Covid and so many people were afraid of...
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The Band 'End of I' Release First Single 'Our Cry'
May 19 2023

The Band 'End of I' Release First Single 'Our Cry'

Debut band, End of I, have released their first single 'Our Cry' on national radio and digital retailers everywhere including iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. End of I started as a worship team in their local church lead by Jeremy…

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