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Acclaimed rock group Disciple has released their latest full-length studio album Skeleton Psalms, an opus of life and death led by the singles 'The Executioner' and 'Promise to Live.' The album is available from BEC Recordings/Tooth & Nail on all major streaming services.

Disciple’s Skeleton Psalms is the story of humanity told in three parts: brokenness, mercy and ultimate victory.

“Every single song is intertwined and connected with each other,” lead singer and band founder Kevin Young reflects. “They all deal with similar themes, they all have an element of being...
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Free Song Download From Disciple
Nov 10 2016

Free Song Download From Disciple

Two-time Dove Award winning Disciple is a staple in the Christian hard rock scene. Known for it’s unique blend of faith with intense yet accessible music, the band has forged a deeply connected fan base along the way. Now…



Disciple - O God Save Us All
Nov 26 2012

Disciple - O God Save Us All

If you're looking for some hard hitting rock, then look no further than Disciple and their new album 'O God Save Us All'. The album includes some amazing co-writes with contributors like Ben Glover (Brandon Heath, Lee Brice) and…

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