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It feels like Brenton Brown has been around for many years, writing songs that the church use in times of worship, and leading worship at many of the festivals around the world. Brenton was born in South Africa but came over to England while in his early twenties to study Politics & Philosophy in Oxford.

Brenton says: "Music was a big part of our lives in our household. There was always a record on and loads of instruments lying around the place. Picking up an instrument and playing along to something was just a natural part of growing up - like...
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Brenton Brown
Oct 01 2012

Brenton Brown

International worship leader Brenton Brown has just released his new live album 'God My Rock' featuring some of his best worship songs plus six new tracks. LTTM spoke with Brenton to find out more about the album. Tell us a…



Brenton Brown - God My Rock
Sep 17 2012

Brenton Brown - God My Rock

The new release from Brenton Brown, 'God My Rock', is a live album from the talented worship leader featuring 14 worship songs, some new, others already known and loved. The album follows Brenton's third studio album 'Our God Is…

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