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In the midst of the UK election season, Andy Flannagan has released 'Reconciled', a song of repentance and reconciliation covering themes of identity, tribalism, politics and race. The song has been produced by Grammy award-winning producer Alan Branch and is accompanied by a unique video by celebrated animator and film-maker John Bowen.

Andy Flannagan said, “As someone from Northern Ireland, I know only too well what can happen when two tribes begin to live separately within one country. This is a heart-cry for us to come together. It is not...
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Andy Flannagan - Drowning In The Shallow
Jun 20 2012

Andy Flannagan - Drowning In The Shallow

You learn some interesting information when reading an artist's press release. For example, I never knew that Andy Flannagan was previously a hospital doctor. Andy has released many albums over the years and is a well respected…

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