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Citizens have been writing songs that tell true and relatable stories since the beginning. The Seattle-born alternative band don’t shy away from writing lyrics and melodies that reach deep places in their audience’s souls. They bring people together around vulnerability and acceptance, and their new single ‘Everything And More’, announcing a brand new album later this year, continues to invite us into the journey of faith Citizens candidly explore through songs.

‘Everything And More’ emerged as lead singer Zach Bolen sat at the piano, “when I think back on it,”...
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Citizens Releases Live Album 'The Joy of Being Together'
Sep 26 2021

Citizens Releases Live Album 'The Joy of Being Together'

Integrity Music's and Running Club Records' Citizens has reimagined their GMA Dove nominated album, The Joy of Being, as a live recorded album with today's release, The Joy of Being Together. The new album features the original…


Citizens - Citizens
Apr 08 2013

Citizens - Citizens

When Zach Bolen began working at the Mars Hill U-district campus he started reconstructing the worship teams that played there, and in the process built a band of his own. Together with Nate Garvey, Adam Skatula, Nathan Furtado…


Citizens - To Know You
Nov 21 2021

Citizens - To Know You

Taken from Citizens' recent Live album 'The Joy of Being Together' here is the Official Live Video for 'To Know You'.

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