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Imagine, if you will, selling most of your worldly possessions (including the place you call home) and hitting the road to pursue a musical vision. You’re leaving your native country. You have no idea what’s ahead. You don’t know where you’ll rest for the night. You take stock and realize that all you have - or all you have left - are your songs, your dreams, your spouse, and your trust in God … and these four things make up the rope of hopefulness you cling to, day in and day out.

Proving that truth is stranger and more beautiful than...
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Love & The Outcome - Ocean Way Session
Apr 22 2015

Love & The Outcome - Ocean Way Session

Thank you for joining me. The reason you caught me chuckling to myself there was I was just wondering what would happen if my wife and I wrote, recorded and performed music together like the music-making couple known as “Love…

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