Foothills Collective Announces New Single 'Truly'

Oct 21 2020

Foothills Collective, a ministry of Foothills Church - one of the country’s fastest-growing churches based in Maryville, Tennessee (outside of Knoxville) - has released a new single, “Truly,” to digital streaming and sales platforms.

Foothills Collective holds the mission to develop mature disciples of Christ in relational environments. It is a collection of artists, musicians, songwriters, and producers with the desire to create music that connects people to Jesus.

“TRULY” was one of the first songs Foothills Collective wrote as a team and comes straight out of Matthew 14.

"This is one of our favorite songs as it brings people through the story of the gospel and our need to respond with “Truly, you are the Son of God.”" - Foothills Collective

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