Taking Ground Music Releases Two Singles, 'You' and 'Forget Not'

Apr 21 2021

Taking Ground Music, part of the Taking Ground Family of Churches in the North East of England, have released two singles from their upcoming EP. First single 'You (Psalm 73)' is written and performed by Elyse Horner and is inspired by Psalm 73:28 "As for me, it is good to be near God, I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge; I will tell of all your deeds."

"This song is a journey of turning into the Sanctuary of God, and in doing so, finding that He is all we need! Our prayer is that as you turn to God, and sit with Him in His presence, His Sanctuary, that you would experience the same, and that you may be filled with gratitude for who He is", explains the group.

Taking Ground Music and Room 1 Project have also teamed up together to write 'Forget Not' featuring vocals from songwriters Ben Dean & Matt Horner.

"'Forget Not' is a song that takes its inspiration from Psalm 103. As we experience challenges and pressures it's easy to lose sight of Gods perspective. We can become weary and discouraged, yet in Psalm 103 David the psalmist encourages us to 'Forget Not' all of Gods blessings. As we remind ourselves of who God is and all the good that he has done for us, it starts to shift our perspective and stirs in us a fresh desire to praise God. They hope this song helps you 'Forget Not' and inspires you to lift up your head and praise the Lord!"

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