ICF Worship Release New Album 'Choose To Praise'

May 15 2021

Swiss collective ICF Worship will release new live album, 'Choose To Praise' on May 13th. The twelve new songs join around one powerful and courageous message that choosing to worship God is always worthwhile in all circumstances.

'Choose to Praise' isn't only the album's title but also a conscious statement: a deep longing to worship God is closely connected to the current events, which not only presented the ICF Worship team, but also our society and thus the entire church landscape with massive challenges in the past year.

ICF Worship's answer to the current crisis - when the world is upside down and the loss of a loved one plunges us into sadness and grief - is 'Choose to Praise'. It's exactly what the team experienced when one of their young worship leaders got ill with cancer and passed away in 2019; an event that shaped the whole team and their songwriting enormously.

“Through this time we came to a place of deep, timeless truth; we never want to base our worship on any circumstance or emotion,” says Dave Kull, ministry director of ICF Worship. The band aim to write songs that speak the gospel beyond church walls, which has been expressed in the change seen in recent years as a greater number of the team have brought their skills and diversity to their vibrant song writing.

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