Austria's Singer Dr. B... Releases Multiple Singles

Jun 07 2021

Austrian singer, composer and songwriter Singer Dr. B... has released a number of singles this year, most recently, 'I Love Your Soul'. The latest release follows recent singles including 'Spirit of Light' and 'Key to my Soul'.

This compilation of gospel-flavoured inspiring spiritual songs by Singer Dr B... is intended for times like these, where people are unsettled and insecure. They are looking for the way to faith - faith in God. Faith, love, hope is the way that should lead people to the light. In Singer Dr. B's... own conviction, they should find the way to God. The song Light of Hope - light of hope - is aimed to giving all people the strength and understanding that they are not alone in the world if they do not lose faith and hope. The infinite love of light will lead them to God. Singer Dr. B... got the inspiration to put the words of hope in a song. The result is empathetic and it gives everyone the strength that they too belong to the universal love of light...

Many people have a dream to find a wonderful partner in their life. The dream to marry and share with him or her a happy life for many years. These songs embody a declaration of love which is followed by a proposal and wedding. Singer Dr. B… wrote and composed these romantic love songs for people in love. He wishes couples in love to be happy and share wonderful moments of bliss and harmony with themselves and their partners. The songs can accompany many weddings.

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