Peterson Jean-Marie Releases 'Take It All'

May 24 2021

Worship leader and songwriter Peterson Jean-Marie has released his new single 'Take It All', available now on all streaming platforms. "I wrote it just before Covid", explains. "Ironically it was talking about not sitting still and to do more for God but first surrendering. I believe now more than ever we need that encouragement to get back out and strive for God. Upbeat clash of pop and funk."

Peterson says he has "hopes of pursuing God and have as many people join me in the process. With a Degree in Church ministries I plan to use my knowledge and gifting to love God and love people. I play a wide variety of genre due to my past experiences in different worship teams, choirs, and jazz bands."

If you see “Petey”, He’s usually surrounded by people. That’s because he’s a firm believer in the importance of community and family. Being surrounded by so many different people, experiences, cultures have developed him to be the artist he is today. His blend of soul, pop, contemporary music allows him to tell a story to a world in need. Peterson strives to reach as many people as possible with his music.

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