Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter, Darryn Zewalk, Releases Inspiring New Single 'Impatient'

Jun 09 2021

After a long hiatus from the studio, Darryn Zewalk is returning to the Gospel Music scene with his inspiring new single, "Impatient".

Darryn Zewalk is an award-winning Christian singer-songwriter, author, podcast host, and motivational speaker. Thanks to the Lord’s favor, and Darryn’s ongoing commitment to encouraging others through social media, he has amassed an audience of more than 300,000 highly engaged followers who connect with him daily online. Darryn has received multiple awards and honors for his work in Contemporary Christian music, including Tulsa Music Awards for Best Christian Artist and Best Overall Artist in 2017 followed by an award for Best Christian Artist in 2018.

Recorded during the pandemic, Darryn Zewalk's newest single "Impatient", is a tribute to his father and two of his uncles who sadly passed away in June and April of 2020. In order to honor his father, who was always a strong supporter of Darryn's music, Darryn Zewalk has chosen to release the song on the one-year anniversary of his father's passing. Darryn says, "this song truly talks about my life, how impatient I can be about certain things, and how throughout time God has taught me to wait on Him. I pray that its message ministers to you. When you trust that things are in God's will, life is much easier to live."

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