Mawcore Releases Urgent Call To Surrender With New Single 'Rise Up'

Sep 09 2021

Mawcore has released a brand new single 'Rise Up,' a riff-edged song of surrender. After a week where the song debuted exclusively with Crossroad Radio ( and Some Sort of Rock Show (, “Rise Up” is available now on Spotify and Apple Music.

Rise Up” is a worthy follow-up to Mawcore’s top 10 charting singles “Breath” and “Bottom Feed.” To create the track, Mawcore returned to collaboration with Chris and Lori George of Ocean Studios. “Working with these two is a breath of fresh air,” singer Joshua Redding shares about the song’s creation. “They want to make sure they take the vision they are presented and fully bring it out in the music. They pour into each project they work on. This kind of passion and desire to bring out the artist’s vision is a blessing.”

For “Rise Up,” that vision was all about letting go. “As the world becomes more cluttered with digital distractions, mixed messaging, addiction on demand, force fed fear and hope deferred, we find ourselves feeling like and even becoming the failures we fear,” Joshua reflects. “It’s become almost impossible to see our lives without these things, even though we know they have become our downfall. We need to lay them down.”

Fortunately, the song also captures the solution to that seemingly impossible challenge: “We need help, and often God sends that help to remove the things in our way and help us see the Light of the world.”

The song’s chorus puts it this way:
“We rise up
When we lay it down
We lay it down.”

Rise Up” is the latest installment of what has already been an eventful year for Mawcore. They started the year with a Grizzly Award nomination for their song “Breath.” That was followed by a Kindred Award nomination, for which the band took home Rock Artist of the Year. The summer has been spent with appearances on major festival stages such as Lifest, and with transitioning in new guitarist Osvaldo Alomar. Through all of it, the band is full of hope and passion for the future. “We are grateful to see how God is moving and allowing us to use this platform of music to share the message of Mawcore, ‘The Wellspring,’ which flows from the heart of God to all who will receive,” Joshua Redding concludes.

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