Dr Jaymz Releases EDM Song 'Tidal Wave' To Battle Opioid Crisis

Sep 16 2021

Using his musical talents and lyrical gifts, Dr Jaymz, an EDM (electronic dance music) artist from Boston has released a new single - 'Tidal Wave,' to combat a growing crisis plaguing the United States - opioid addiction and overdose deaths. The Centers for Disease Control says drug overdose deaths spiked nearly 30% this year, with other countries following a similar trend. It’s a bleak milestone, and this grim data is even more concerning after overdose deaths were on the decline since 2018.

Dr Jaymz is different from any other EDM artist. As the world’s first missionary to become an EDM artist, his goal is to transform lives through music. From the narrative lyrics, to the sizzling dance music and character-driven video, his new single is showing people that drugs aren’t the only way, and there is a hope that can break every chain and addiction - the living water. Dr Jaymz says, “My desire behind this song was to create a dope electronic dance beat with an uplifting drop and lyrics that inspire hope, which is especially important in today’s crisis-stricken world.” In other words, Tidal Wave is more than a song, it’s a message of hope for all those who feel trapped in a world of addiction and depression. Its message will inspire listeners to look beyond their current situation and be awakened to new life in Christ - the living water.

This is a message that can relate to all of your audience. There are times when everyone feels lost without hope. As data shows, many people turn to drugs and other outlets to numb their pain. The opioid epidemic needs unique and exceptional ways to reach people. Tidal Wave is a different way to reach members of your audience who feel tempted by drugs or trapped by addiction.

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