Austin Ludwig Gives It All Back In New Single, 'Breath Of The Father'

Sep 25 2021

Austin Ludwig gives it all back in his newly released single, Breath of the Father.

Birthed out of a spontaneous worship moment at Ludwig’s church, Breath of the Father is a response to give God back what He first gave us.

“The heart behind Breath of the Father is that we would recognize our absolute need for Holy Spirit to worship God. Jesus tells us in John 4 that a time will come when the true worshippers will worship in spirit and in truth. This asserts that God's spirit, His breath, is a necessary part of becoming true worshippers,” says Ludwig. “Worship is simply this exchange of giving back to God what He first gave us. We continuously pour out as we are poured into.”

Written and produced by Ludwig and Spenser Boice, the team penned the song to help provide new language around the role of the Holy Spirit in worship.

“I think that in corporate settings we still to this day have a bent toward looking externally for God's presence. God does choose to manifest His presence in many ways through signs and wonders, but I believe it's critical that we remember the New Covenant is all about indwelling presence,” says Ludwig. “Holy Spirit is not just God with you, but is God in you. When we live in this reality, we recognize that Holy Spirit can stir our hearts with affection for Jesus. Worship doesn't have to be something we muster up in our own strength, but we can invite Holy Spirit to pastor us into becoming true worshippers.”

As Worship Pastor of Riverstone Church in Kennesaw, Ga., Ludwig says Breath of the Father has already resonated with the church’s community.

“Breath of the Father has been great for our church because it is a reminder that worship is impossible in our own strength,” he says. “I also feel like this song begets unity, especially when we sing the bridge which was inspired by Acts 2. I believe God breathes on unity in a special way.”

Although the song was written for corporate worship, Ludwig says he hopes that people are reminded that the greatest worship leader of all is the Holy Spirit.

“I hope that first and foremost this song invites people into a deeper appreciation for Holy Spirit. We don't need some man or woman on the stage to lead us into worship, but wherever we are, Holy Spirit can inspire our hearts toward deeper affection for Jesus,” he shares. “I want listeners to be filled as they sing and recognize that we are actually incapable of truly worshipping without the revelation that Holy Spirit gives us.”

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