Apollo LTD Makes Giant Leap At Radio, Lands First No. 1 Hit, 'Sunday Morning Feeling'

Oct 03 2021

Residence/Centricity Music’s cinematic, alternative-pop duo Apollo LTD receives its first No. 1 with the sunny-vibes of “Sunday Morning Feeling (Feat. Ryan Stevenson)” showcased on the sophomore album from bandmates Jordan Phillips and Adam Stark, Nothing is Ordinary, Everything is Beautiful, which was released amidst acclaim earlier this year.

Following the duo’s top five hit and concept music video, “Patient,” “Sunday Morning Feeling” not only lands on top of the Hot AC/CHR National Airplay Billboard Chart this week, but is also being heard on outlets like ESPN as part of a Baylor University commercial that premiered during the Baylor vs. Texas State football game Sept. 4.

"We are excited to see ‘Sunday Morning Feeling’ connect with radio and its audiences like it has. It’s been quite a journey for us,” shares Stark. “We are very grateful for the hard work of our label, radio team and management, and are especially thankful for the all the listeners that have supported us.”

“And working with Ryan on this song was an honor,” adds Phillips. “His voice, talent and contribution made it such a special song. We’ve also loved getting to know him and his band on the road and sharing the stage with him this summer!”

“I’m so happy to see the impact that ‘Sunday Morning Feeling’ is having at Christian radio,” says Gotee Records artist Ryan Stevenson. “The guys in Apollo LTD have become my dear friends, and I’m thrilled to see this success! They are amazing people on and off the stage! I’m grateful and honored to have played a small part in the heart and vision of this song.”

Co-written with Colby Wedgeworth, “‘Sunday Morning Feeling’ ushers in a smooth groove and a subtle perspective shift urging listeners to remember that God is working all things for our good,” says the K-LOVE Radio Network. “The song highlights the difference between fleeting happiness and real joy. Happiness changes with our circumstances, while joy is solid gold-an unchanging emotion that truly only comes through an authentic relationship with Christ.”

It's just inside me
Got that Sunday morning feeling
I can't hide it
Counting blessings to the ceiling
I believe that you are working everything for good
No denying
Your love is shining
Sunday morning feeling

(From the “Sunday Morning Feeling” chorus)

“This song is proven to make you 73% happier,” quips WAY FM’s WAY Nation. “OK, maybe it’s not actual science, but take a listen to ‘Sunday Morning Feeling’ … and see if you can resist smiling or tapping your foot. Share it with someone who needs a little sunshine in their day.”

Along with “Sunday Morning Feeling” and “Patient,” Apollo LTD’s Nothing is Ordinary, Everything is Beautiful features the top 20 hit and American Songwriter-premiered video “You” along with “Good Day,” “Rulers,” “Now!” and “Better.” Packing a punch with EDM drops, pulsing drumbeats and singalong choruses meant for clubs, cathedrals and coliseums, the album blurs the horizon between organic and electronic music. At its heart, the recording is an uplifting pop album about resilience and resolve punctuated by messages about the human race's challenges amidst a mix of hooks that target the head as well as the heart.

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