PYRAMID PARK Releases New EP (with the strangest title you've ever seen!)

Nov 23 2021

PYRAMID PARK has just released a new 6 track EP titled '/ə'nam(ə)li/'. Yes, that's really what it's called, this is not a typo. The title, apparently, is pronounced 'Anomaly'. The EP was written and recorded during the various UK lockdowns.

Discussing the EP, Pete McAllen, the artist being the name PYRAMID PARK, said "So pleased with this little project. It’s hard to be objective, but I try to keep songs on an album/EP that are not filler. I feel each of these tracks have purpose, and while it could have been a longer play album, it felt very much like these 6 tracks said enough between them."

From a young age McAllen began performing violin, soloing at local concerts. But at the age of 11 life took a dark turn. Watching his dad rapidly decline in health, and die three weeks after a cancer diagnosis, McAllen began to process the grief finding an outlet in music, art and church.

It was in the church community that he first picked up a guitar, performed publicly and wrote his first song. It was here in this community that he learned how to play with others and process the highs and lows of life.

In his room, hours would be spent practicing, pouring out his heart and eventually finding lyrics to convey the inner thoughts. Without realising it, through his Dads death, he subconsciously at first, decided to help other people with their struggles by putting everything into his art.

These songs have taken him on many tours, having performed over 10 countries, releasing a debut album 'Vulnerability' in 2017 and bagging 30 festival slots in 2018/19 summers.

Pyramid Park released his second album 'Not an Island' in April 2020. McAllen Embodies indie spirit, running Pyramid Park from his garage as an indie label, writing, filming and even printing some of his merch. This is where art and music collide, with some examples in this store.

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