Worship Leader Michael King Releasing 'Where Peace Begins'

Jan 18 2022

Michael King is a successful licensed executive coach, but also is an established singer-songwriter who has been contributing to the music community for almost two decades. The former lead singer for worship band BreatheDeep releases his latest single 'Where Peace Begins' on January 14.

"At a time in which it would seem like there are so many important things the Church could talk about... I wanted to approach a worship a song from a human space crying out to the heavens", explains Michael.

Michael King has over 20 years of experience leading worship ministries in churches as well as coaching worship leaders, pastors and ministry leaders.

'Where Peace Begins' is the follow up single to 'We Say Amen' which was co-written with worship mainstay Corey Voss and released in August of 2020, finding traction in over 75 countries. On Spotify alone it had 5500 listeners, 8000 streams & 460 hours.

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