P1LOT Releases New Single 'More To Lose'

Jan 20 2022

Pop artist, P1LOT releases his new song and video 'More To Lose'.

“For me, More To Lose vulnerably represents the complexity of my mental health and faith while balancing a relationship", he explains.

"The song begins with a beautifully tragic piano, carried with distant percussive sounds, commanding bass kicks, and dreamy yet desperate vocals. The deeply introspective lyrics provide an intimate fly-on-the-wall experience as if I were speaking my thoughts out loud and putting it all on the line.”

Josh Calderon records & performs as the eclectic and genre-bending pop artist P1LOT. Through his music, P1LOT illustrates his story with true transparency and unapologetic raw energy. His personality often transcends to social media, where he connects with fans through authentic conversations. His records draw from real life struggles, including a long-standing battle of depressive episodes, anxiety, the loss of his father, being a single father himself and the destructive effects of addiction.

P1LOT is an award-winning (2019 Portland Musician of the Year) and multi-nominee artist, with a proven passion for community through the founding of multiple charity events based around performing arts, as well as multiple regional tours campaigning for mental health awareness.

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