Justin Gambino Releases 'Beautiful' and 'Timely' New Song 'Courage'

Jan 28 2022

Singer/Songwriter Justin Gambino, from Houston, TX, releases his brand new song 'Courage', the second single taken from his upcoming sophomore album. Available now on all streaming platforms, the single is also captured in a stunning music video, which fans are already calling "beautiful" and "timely".

"What an awesome and timely song. What a great message of encouragement", wrote one viewer, whilst another described it as "a blessed song!"

Describing how the song came about, Justin explains, "For me, when I was writing this song I was thinking about all the voices over the years. These voices in my head that tell me that I'm not good enough. To be fearful. To give up hope.

But on the flip-side, one of my favorite parts of the song says "this courage that I've found has always been inside of me". We all have courage inside of us. Inside our hearts. And I hope and pray that this song is a reminder for those who hear it, to not give up and not lose hope. To keep pushing forward on this journey we call life. God is breathing air into our lungs this very moment. What will we choose to do with that breath? May we persevere with courage!"

'Courage' has already made the Christian Weekly Top 20 on PlayMPE most streamed/downloaded songs, #3 for Downloads and #4 for Streams.

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