Mal Pope Releases Moving New Song 'So Sad'

Mar 02 2022

Welsh singer/songwriter and Christian artist Mal Pope releases the moving new song 'So Sad'.

It was back in May 2020 as lockdown started to bite that the number of domestic abuse cases started to soar. Calls to the National Domestic Abuse helpline rose by 49%. One of the songs of Mal’s recently released album ‘Butterfly’, told the story of one such woman.

‘You Are Not Alone’ was soon picked up for use in a National campaign to promote The LIFE FEAR FREE helpline. #youarenotalone

It was then, Mal says, that the emails started coming in. Women, and men, wanted to share their stories. It was one woman, who Mal refers to as Jane Doe, who really made Mal think. ‘Jane’ could identify with the gaslighting and the lack of self-esteem. For years she had lived in constant fear of a violent attack, usually verbal, occasionally physical. But it was the opening few lines she felt were wrong in her case…

In Mal’s song the woman packs her bags and waits until the morning. Jane told Mal that if she had packed a bag, and it had been found, she didn’t believe that her partner would ever have allowed her or her little girl to leave that house. It was the next part of the story that really broke Mal’s heart. Jane had called her parents asking for help and they had basically told her she had made her bed… and she had to lie in it.

Even though the song is entitled ‘SO SAD’, it really is a song of hope. You can be strong enough to walk away. What Jane wanted Mal to know, and all of the other victims of domestic abuse, is that it is possible to break the cycle.

There are people, strangers who will stand by you, help to pick you and to start again.

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