SEU Worship Releases New Single 'Familiar Song'

Mar 26 2022

SEU Worship releases their new single, "Familiar Song," which is centered around the idea that the word of God is hidden in the hearts of every person. Along with the new song available today here, the live video (below) featuring the worshippers of SEU Worship also premiered. SEU Worship is a combination of students and staff from Southeastern University creating the sound and songs for the worship environment on the campus.

"In addition to the Bible teaching us that we have the word of God hidden in our heart, it also teaches that the evidence of God’s glory and activity is on display in creation," shares SEU Worship's Dan Rivera. "This single is about the metaphorical melody that makes up the background music of our lives. That song sounds like the music of heaven where the angels praise and worship without ceasing. It’s a song that says Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord Almighty and you can hear it reverberate throughout history if you tune your ear to hear it."

Leading the next generation of worshippers, SEU Worship has collaborated with writers from across the country to create their upcoming album set to release this fall. This project follows their acoustic album Walk With You, which was released earlier this year. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming new album.

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