Cheri Keaggy Releases New Single 'Yours To Keep'

Apr 07 2022

Beginning as a worship leader at a small church in Southern California, veteran CCM artist Cheri Keaggy has ministered through her music and testimony for nearly thirty years.

Her debut album, Child of the Father, released with rave reviews in 1994. Ten albums, nine Number One songs, three Dove Award nominations, and a Dove Award win later, she returns with her first studio album in seven years. Exploring life's changing seasons, her album What I Know To Be True celebrates both the joy of marriage, becoming a grandparent, and the devastating sorrow of losing a loved one to suicide. Emerging from a long season of grief, Cheri places her trust in the unchanging anchor of Christ and continues to inspire others to hope in Him.

Cheri reflects on her single Yours To Keep saying, "This is the first official co-write with Uncle Phil (Phil Keaggy) who is a legendary guitarist and Grammy Award-winning recording artist. He also co-produced the album! We had always wanted to write something together, so we sat in his living room, he with his guitar and me with my notepad, and "Yours to Keep" was born.

I had attended a church service where we were directed to stretch our arms forward handing all of our problems and burdens over to the Lord in faith. That moment of surrender was the inspiration behind the lyrics. So often with life's hurts and disappointments, we can be ruled by feelings that flip flop at any given moment, but God continually invites us to allow His Love to heal us and to put our trust in the unchanging truth of His Word."

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