Belinda Song Releases Uplifting Single 'Worthy 4.4'

Apr 07 2022

Belinda Song is an American singer-songwriter, music producer and published author. Song has published four romance novels and has produced a number of films. She has a music catalog of over 100 original compositions in the electronic pop genre, and is represented by BMI. Her albums, 'See You Tonight,' 'Overture,' 'Mental Vacation/Diamond Ring,' 'Earth Angel Electronica,' and 'Someone' have been curated onto Beatport's Music Library in the Dance/Electropop genre.

'Worthy' is one of Belinda's most cherished compositions, the motivational lyrics are uplifting and the song has garnered support from various independent groups in the UK and USA. Belinda wished to further enhance this song, so she rearranged the instrumentals to deliver a heightened sonic experience - therefore 'Worthy 4.4' was conceived and set for release on April 7th.

Through her music, Song hopes to inspire those who need hope, and through her words, she hopes to comfort those who need strength. For Song, music is food for the soul, and can serve as a 'nourishment' for those in search of inspiration. She hopes to make a positive difference.

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