Brighton's Jess Debenham Releasing 'Come To Me'

Apr 13 2022

Jess Debenham, an emerging Christian singer/songwriter based in Brighton, is releasing her debut single 'Come To Me' on 29th April. It is a song based on Jesus' invitation recorded in Matthew 11:28, and is the first of 3 singles Jess will be releasing this year.

The freeing message of this worship song is carried by Jess’ unique brightness and clarity of tone, and a monumental bass line provides the solid ground for a liberating synth soundscape. Jess’ prayer for ‘Come To Me’ is that “God would delight in using this song to draw His people nearer to Him, to set people free from the lethal trap of legalism, that people would have a revelation of Jesus’ heart and His grace towards them, and know the deep, eternal, life-giving rest of coming to Him.”

Jess has been serving on worship and songwriting teams at her home church, Emmanuel, for the last five years. In this season she has had opportunities to sing backing vocals with Simon & Anna Brading and Lou Fellingham at events such as Newday, Spring Harvest, and Thy Kingdom Come. Alongside live events, Jess has also recorded for Songs of Praise on BBC 1 with Emmanuel Brighton, and has written songs for, and sung on, the EmmanuelKids ministry EPs that have been released through the church. These experiences have strengthened Jess’ passion for worship, songwriting, and the church, and alongside her personal journey have culminated in her debut single: ‘Come To Me’.

Jess’ heart for ministry is to empower members of the Church to walk with God as they surrender their lives to Jesus with gladness. Through lyrics that portray the Jesus of the Bible clearly, the wonders of His character, and the excitement of His coming, she hopes to inspire people in their relationships with God, and the mission of living their everyday lives in the light of His light. Jess wants to create for the Creator, to present the consistent and powerful truths of the gospel and the glory of God’s nature with fresh perspective. Through fervently detailed lyrics, Jess’ songwriting encompasses themes of closeness with God, His divine holiness, and His never ending grace. Drawing on her own journey of truly understanding and accepting grace, Jess hopes for every listener and worshipper to know the depth of God’s goodness towards them, and for that reality to release them from shame and the empty rules of religion into a life full of freedom and joy.

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