Iryne Rock Releases 'Never Known' EP

Apr 20 2022

Iryne Rock, a singer, songwriter and worship leader with a distinct and electrifying sound, has released her latest single 'Never Known'. The song is the title track from her current five-song EP, available everywhere now.

'Never Known' is a purely fun and encouraging musical journey that energetically reminds listeners that God never has been known to fail! Iryne’s smooth vocals combine with an up-beat production to make a very familiar yet distinct sound that everyone is sure to love.

“I wrote ‘Never Known’ during the pandemic,” Rock explains, “when my father-in-law got COVID and it was very bad. I wanted to remind everyone and my family that God has always been faithful to us. He has always been our provider and healer - and He came through and healed my father-in-law!

The contagious rhythm and inspiring message of 'Never Known' will leave you addicted to pressing the play button. Experience it for yourself now!

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