Dupree Release 'Up Again'

May 13 2022

DUPREE are back with their latest single 'Up Again', available now on all music platforms. The music video also features Drummer Andrew Picha (Jordan Feliz/Micah Tyler) and Garret Moshier (Micah Tyler/CAIN).

The song “Up Again” by DUPREE has a story of hope and strength. It proves that even in the worst time of your life you can still lift your spirits and turn to God. When Dylan Dupree was 18 years old he toured with the platinum-selling band LFO as lead guitarist. Two weeks after the tour Devin Lima (singer) was diagnosed with one of the rarest forms of cancer. It is so rare that only one out every million people get it each year (Stage 4 Adrenal Cancer). The tumor was the size of a football. The doctors were able to remove most of it; however, it was not enough to prevent it from spreading more. After almost a year to the date of fighting we lost our friend.

A few months before his passing, Devin looked Dylan in the eyes and said two words… “I’m happy.” At that moment, he was going through rigorous treatments. It really makes you think: how can you be happy when get such terrible news? How do you get back up again when you know you are going to fall again? God gave him comfort and strength during his final days on this Earth and it is living proof that He will do the same for us.

This is a testimony to rely on Jesus and that He will repeatedly help you get back up again until you are called home.

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