Riddle Me This Releases 'Hey You' & Secret Cover of Top Gun's 'Danger Zone'

May 27 2022

Broadhead Music Group's Riddle Me This?, an energetic, unique and engaging Christian Rock artist, releases it's next single 'Hey You', following the release this week of the Official Music Video for first single 'Bang! Bang!'. The songs are taken from its anticipated debut album release this Summer.

Also out now is a secret release cover of the classic action-anthem 'Danger Zone'. Riddle Me This? delivers it's take on this song as a nod to the brand new movie 'Top Gun: Maverick', the Tom Cruise sequel to the 'Top Gun' movie that 'Danger Zone' was made famous by.

Discussed the song 'Hey You', Riddle Me This? explains that it is "representative of what it means to be a Child of God. It’s a picture of the love he has for us and the love and trust a believer has in him. I wrote it from the perspective of a Child loving Jesus. The blind faith that Children have. The trust and love that a Child has for Jesus is a beautiful thing. Jesus loves his children and while I may be an adult, I still see him with child-like eyes. I am astonished by HIS Love, Grace, and Mercy!! There is no greater love found than the love of Jesus Christ.

“Hey You” is a song about being in complete Fellowship with Jesus. Much like 1 John talks about what it means to be a Christian and to be in Fellowship with God, and while the Bible is the perfect explanation of that and there is no substitute. “Hey You” is a picture of the emotions, the trust, and the security we have in Jesus. My 20 year old son died in a car accident a very short time after this song was written. While this song was not written about that incident it really captured the emotions of that horrifying and tragic event. The song details the pain and tragedies we face in life and how Jesus takes care of us through that pain. How he catches our tears and brings us peace and comfort in times where there is no peace or comfort to be found."

Asked why he chose to record the song 'Danger Zone', Riddle Me This? continues, "I chose to cover the song Danger Zone because it was such a nostalgic song from my Childhood. I grew up with 80’s movies and I dig all things 80’s!! Classic Movies like Ghostbusters; Back to the Future; Top Gun; Karate Kid; Star Wars; etc. These are among my favorite movies of all time. I chose Danger Zone because it’s simply just a song about US Navy Fighter Jets and one of the most iconic Theme Songs of the 1980’s, written specifically for Top Gun.

This song holds such an emotional presence in my childhood memories. My Cousins (who basically were my brothers as we saw each other all the time and even lived together as kids, including spending every Summer and Holidays together) and I saw this movie in theaters for the first time 36 years ago today May 16th, in 1986. We loved this movie and it has been a film that we continue to love today. My older Cousin Kenney who is the same age as I am, sadly passed away in December of 2005. He will be forever loved and missed, and I know he would have really liked this cover of Danger Zone as well as seeing the Top Gun Sequel this month."

'Danger Zone' was written by Tom Whitlock, Composed by Giorgio Moroder, and Performed by Kenny Loggins.

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