Taylor Pride Releases 'All That I Am' EP

Jun 15 2022

Taylor Pride releases his first EP 'All That I Am' on June 17th. 'All That I Am' is a project that emphasizes God's eagerness to accept us for where we are - not as we should be.

"Throughout each of the songs, acoustic elements are interwoven with synthetic sounds, mirroring the ways in which we experience peace and rest in the midst of desperate situations", Taylor explains. "Through the songwriting process, I keep (re)learning that God doesn’t require perfection from His children - just a willing heart and open hands."

"Growing up, music has always been a part of my DNA - my mother taught me piano, my oldest sister is a professional violinist, and my sister Nicole Conner is a talented vocalist - featured on Living Water (Live). during high school, I started writing heartfelt worship songs, and while attending Wheaton College, I began leading worship in various settings, singing alongside artists such as: Todd Dulaney & Harlem Gospel Choir. shortly after graduating, i became a hip-hop dancer & competed at international competitions, leading to an opportunity to dance with Ciara and her hit song “Level Up.” in February 2020, i felt God call me back to songwriting, and one month later, the world shutdown... in this area of my life, however, God had already given me some timely directions: to write songs (again) to Him.

Since then, I've been (re)learning that we don’t have to be perfect in order to walk with and know Jesus. despite the questions that arise and difficulties that present themselves, God’s stubborn love keeps sticking around, and He isn’t going anywhere. as you listen to my music, my hope is that these songs would interrupt the humdrum of daily life and direct your attention to God - little by little, day by day."

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