Jamie Carol Releases 'We the People'

Jun 17 2022

Jamie Carol has released a single and video titled 'We The People'. Jamie is a musical artist who began his career in a very unusual way. Unusual, at least, for a country singer-songwriter; he used to be an opera singer. And even before the opera, he began by singing in community theatre and at church in his teens.

But through all the time singing in the theatre and the opera, country music was still tugging at this heart. Maybe it’s because, even though Jamie was born and raised in Southern California, his family roots are planted deep in Missouri and Arkansas. But he has lived in Arizona for most of his life, which is much closer to the country he loves.

Jamie has a true passion for telling a story through his songs, which really goes straight to the heart of country music. Most country is about life and the often-hard times that come with it. But Jamie likes to get down into the deep cracks and crevices of life and poke around. Some of his songs are wild and fun, but others take a stark and profound look at the realities of life. And he likes to do all this with what he hopes is a strong and passionate melody.

When not writing or singing, Jamie enjoys doing carpentry and woodworking projects. He also has a life-long love of trains, especially the old steam locomotives. He plays the piano and guitar and, during live performances will, occasionally, sing a little opera.

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