Will Allen Releases Second Single 'Screen Revolution' Ahead of EP

Jun 23 2022

Bath (UK) based singer-songwriter Will Allen writes uplifting pop hits that will get stuck in your head and make you dance in the rain. Will’s mental-health focused lyrics and positivity are rooted in his use of music as a therapy for himself. Growing up in church, his songs carry a bigger-than-life message that comfort the soul. So, if you want encouraging and energising music to sing your heart out to… you’re in good company here.

His latest EP, Strolling Through The Storm, was written during Lockdown and has been slowly produced since. The EP’s original title, Running Through The Storm, was about pushing through the tough seasons, which we can all relate to. But when the tough seasons last a long time… Lockdown 1, 2, 3, etc… you can’t keep running. Strolling Through the Storm is about finding joy and making the most of every season, not just looking for the end.

The first single from the EP, Are You Ready?, was about finding your place in the world, the second and upcoming single, Screen Revolution, is all about the challenges of growing up with social media.

Sick of staring at a screen for your work, your entertainment, your love life? Tired of draining your every waking moment into scrolling endless social media reels? The Screen Revolution has taken too much, now it’s time to take our lives back. Let the retro bass, synth melodies, and layered harmonies remind you that you are more than ratings, hashtags, and comparison. Let’s bring this Screen Revolution down.

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