S.O. To Release Sixth Studio Album 'Now Or Later' In September

Jun 18 2022

International recording artist S.O. announces his sixth studio album NOW OR LATER - to be released on September 16, 2022. Consisting of 10 songs, S.O. is returning to his rap roots in his latest project. Hot on the heels of his singles BADMAN & MAKE IT MAKE SENSE just a few months ago, this record is not only the fruit of years of experience as a rapper, but also arises out of the new experiences of being a father. You’ll hear his daughter as she cameos on a few songs, and you’ll hear a man changed by a father’s love for his children.

In that sense, NOW OR LATER is an album not only to be heard, but felt. It harkens back to the early days of S.O.’s career, reminiscent of So It Begins, So It Continues, and So It Ends. While there has been much music in between-from EPs to mixtapes to music videos-S.O. continues to point listeners to God while embracing the realities of life in a fallen world. The album title itself signals the vision S.O. wants to cast: that God’s will is inescapable. It will be done, whether now or later. A lyric from the single NOW OR LATER captures this well: Talking every tribe and tongue giving praises to the Saviour / Talking every man or woman every child that He raised up / God’s will getting done be it now or later.

S.O. doesn’t shy away from sensitive topics, noting what he calls the “marriage” of his faith in Christ and his identity as a black man. While some have abandoned Christianity due to seeing those two realities as incompatible, S.O. aims to testify otherwise. As another line in the latest single goes: Told me die to myself but never bury my roots / Told me carry a cross but never carry a noose.

NOW OR LATER is S.O.’s second album-in as many years-as a fully independent artist on his own label, Elder Road Records. NOW OR LATER features production from Grammy nominated producer, G.P., Dove Award winning producer, Mashell, and Emmy Award winning producer Alex Hitchens, with additional production from OnBeat Music and newcomer Gleece.

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