Andrea Olson Releases The First Single 'What A God You Are' From Her Upcoming Album 'This Good'

Jun 19 2022

Worship artist Andrea Olson is set to release her newest single, 'What A God You Are' written with acclaimed songwriters Meredith Andrews and Melanie Waldman this Friday, June 17th!

At the end of 2020, Andrea found herself captivated by Psalm 66. Verse 3 in TPT says, "For he's the awe-inspiring God, great and glorious in power! We've never seen anything like him!"

Andrea knew that she wanted to pen this prayer into an anthem for Christ followers in this season.

As she sat down at her piano, she started singing... What a God You are!

"My prayer is that as you listen, whether you are weary or walking in strength, you pause in His presence and the words remind you of who God always has been and always will be."

"You are my healer
You are my rescuer
When I’m surrounded
You’re my deliverer
Your voice is like thunder
Speaking in mysteries
Drawing me closer
Until I can clearly see"

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